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Indulge in the romance of our candle, where fragrances entwine like a love story. At the top, the zesty embrace of Crisp Apple, Bergamot, and Orange Peel sets the stage for a passionate encounter. In the heart, the sweetness of Buttery Caramel and the richness of Velvet Chocolate come together, while Jasmine Petals add a touch of floral elegance, reminiscent of a tender caress.

As the night deepens, the base notes emerge, with Wild Cardamom's spice igniting desire, Sweet Vanilla's warmth offering comfort, Musk's sensuality creating an irresistible allure, and Cinnamon Bark's intensity adding a spark of passion. This candle is an ode to romance, where every note whispers of love, longing, and intimacy. Illuminate your space with its seductive fragrance and let the ambiance kindle the flames of your heart's desires.

Falling For You

  • Top: Crisp Apple, Bergamot, Orange Peel

    Heart: Buttery Caramel, Velvet Chocolate, Jasmine Petals

    Base: Wild cardamom, Sweet Vanilla, Musk, Cinnamon Bark

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