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Introducing the epitome of coziness, Home! This captivating candle is expertly crafted to bring the delightful aroma of freshly baked cookies straight to your space. The comforting blend of vanilla and cinnamon creates a symphony of warmth that will fill your home with a welcoming and inviting scent.

Just imagine walking into a home that smells like a warm and delicious bakery, evoking the nostalgia of childhood and simpler times. That's exactly what Home aims to do. With every burn, this candle unleashes a delightful fragrance that envelopes your space, creating a soothing ambiance that instantly calms your senses.

No matter the occasion, Home is the perfect companion. It's ideal for unwinding after a long day or entertaining guests. Its charming aroma will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making you feel right at home. Indulge in the heartwarming scent of freshly baked cookies with Home and experience a world of comfort and tranquility. Bring a cozy and inviting vibe to your space with Home!


  • Heart: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Sugar Cookie

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