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This fragrance opens with a burst of zesty Calabrian Bergamot, delicately intertwined with the sweet and romantic essence of Rose Petals and the exotic allure of Ylang Ylang. In its heart, it unfolds a luxurious bouquet of Egyptian Jasmine, which mingles harmoniously with the warmth of Amber and the earthy depth of Patchouli. Finally, the scent settles into a rich and sensual base, characterized by the creamy sweetness of Vanilla Absolute, the woody sophistication of Italian Vetiver, and the soft, lingering embrace of Musk. This fragrance is a captivating journey of floral, oriental, and woody notes, creating an alluring and enduring olfactory experience.

Bad Romance

  • Top: Calabrian Bergamot, Rose Petals, Ylang Ylang

    Heart: Egyptian Jasmin, Warm Amber, Patchouli

    Base: Vanilla Absolute, Italian Vetiver, Musk

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