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Step into a world of effervescence and joy with our Take Care candle. This exquisite blend of apple, raspberry, and sparkling champagne at the top will transport you to a world of celebration and jubilation. Imagine the sound of corks popping and glasses clinking, as you immerse yourself in the lively and energetic aromas.

The heart of this fragrance is a delightful combination of lily pink, jasmine, and peach, which adds a touch of femininity and sophistication to the scent. It's like walking through a blooming garden on a sunny day, with the fragrant flowers in full bloom and the sweet scent of ripe peaches filling the air.

To round out the experience, our Take Care candle is anchored in a base of coconut and sugar, adding a creamy and comforting undertone to the scent. The coconut brings a tropical vibe, while the sugar provides a touch of warmth and familiarity.

This scent is perfect for creating a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere in any room, but particularly delightful in bathrooms and kitchens where it can bring a burst of energy and freshness to your space. Light up our Take Care candle and let its lively and invigorating fragrance uplift your spirits and elevate your mood.


Take Care

  • Top: Apple, Raspberry, Sparkling Champagne 

    Middle: Lily Pink, Jasmine, Peach 

    Base: Coconut, Sugar


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